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  Bethesda has officially announced that The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited now is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To celebrate the worldwide release, they also released a letter by Game Director Matt Firor, a new gameplay trailer, and launch week festivities.

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  "But we're not done with the launch, of course. We're continuing to work on new content, which we'll talk about soon after console launch. We're committed to always fix problems as we find them, and continuing to ensure that the community is happy and having fun."

  It seems they do have problems to fix. There are widespread player reports on the official forums and Reddit that logging into the game is utterly impossible on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for both NA and EU players. Developers have stated that they’re working overtime to get the login issue fixed, which is cold comfort to people eagerly anticipating the game’s console debut today.

  To celebrate the launch, Bethesda is holding a week-long giveaway event to commemorate ESOTU's console launch. Entering is as easy as playing on one of the console megaservers. Simply log in between June 9th and Monday, June 15th, play for at least six hours, and you'll be entered to win some ESOTU loot.

  The official has conformed that, when PS4 Pro launches on November 10, players will be able to play ESO immediately in native 4K resolution.

  But the PS4 Pro benefits to ESO won't be limited to 4K TV owners. Bethesda said if you use a 4K monitor, the game will automatically run in 4K. If you use 1080p screens, you will get "increased graphical fidelity" as well. BTW, the high end game console of Sony costs $399 on the market.

  It is said that PlayStaion 4 Pro boasts an upgraded, x86-64 "Jaguar" AMD CPU with 8 cores, a 4.2 teraflop AMD Radeon GPU, three USB ports, 5GHz WiFi support and a 1TB HDD. Surely, it will be twice as fast as the regular PS4. What’s more, it is designed specifically for UHD TVs and PlayStation VR.

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