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  Elder Scrolls game recognizes some of its most iconic locations - Elsweyr, Skyrim, Black Marsh, Hammerfell, Summerset Isles. The loveliness of each one in Elder Scrolls Online often makes one imagine what it would be like to go there "in real life". With the just-announced A Trip of a Lifetime sweepstakes, that dream can come true.

  Anyone can participate in A Trip of a Lifetime, entering simply by registering on the special entry form with the same email account used for playing Elder Scrolls Online. Then log into the game any time before December 16th and entry complete! It's that easy and winners will be announced on or near January 9, 2017.

  Five entries will be chosen with each winner being awarded with a trip for two to real world locations that closely match their Elder Scrolls Online locations.

  Elsweyr package winners will take an African safari.

  Best Place to Buy ESO Gold

  Skyrim package winners will head to the Swiss Alps.

  Best Place to Buy ESO Gold

  Black Marsh winners will be off to the Amazon and Machu Picchu.

  Best Place to Buy ESO Gold

  Hammerfell winners will be on the way to Morocco.

  Best Place to Buy ESO Gold

  Summerset Isle winners will be sunning it up in New Zealand.

  Best Place to Buy ESO Gold

  Winning A Trip of a Lifetime has never been easier. What are you waiting for? Make your dreams come true by visiting the Elder Scrolls Online Trip of a Lifetime site today!

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